Cornerstone Studios is committed to the vernacular landscape of our seaside communities. Our homes must harmonize and enhance the historic and deep culture that has made Nova Scotia renowned the world over.

As most of our clients are in far away lands we make extensive use of the Internet and immersive imaging technology to envelope our clients in the design process. Every design element is modeled in high definition 3D and hosted on a secure, private web site along with the traditional 2D working plans and specs.

Integrating the design and construction into one well knit operation ensures a seamless transition from concept to final design to the home itself. It provides economies and quality that is unparalleled


With 20 years experience in 3D architectural visualization, Cornerstone is unmatched in quality and price performance. 

While we use visualization technology extensively in our own design - build work we also have several international clients who demand the very best in virtual imaging.



Cornerstone has established itself as a premiere builder in Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore.
As our design clients demanded a level of expertise and professionalism on par with our design work we quickly realized offering a turn-key design - build service was essential.

Since we began to build our own designs, every house we've designed, we've also built.

Cornerstone Studios is a fixed price builder that has the expertise to quote accurately and competitively. When your home is complete the final cost will be exactly what was quoted.