Petersen House

Spectacular in every sence.
This cliff top home is a marriage of English country home and hatteras beach house.
Granite, oak, soapstone and slate. A tribute to the coast with tru luxury.
Every room is a vista of sea and spray.


Petersen House
Cliff House

Built on a cliff over the ocean, this one level house is designed for drama. The structure is timber frame and there is no drywall at all.
A huge central fireplace in granite forms the central axis.


Willis house

Built high on a cliff faced sea coast, This spectacular home is designed to capture the drama of it's exceptional surroundings.


Office building development

A Toronto client asked us to create and render a pair of small office buildings for a proposal.

A tight deadline and a free hand at design put me right in my zone. 

Bewley house

This house was to be built right in the heart of the village of Kingsburg N.S. I designed the house to be a traditional Cape Cod with a bold projection facing the sea. Then I wrapped it in a circular pergola that provides an upper deck for the master bedroom and some shade for the dining room which is all glass on three sides.

Purcell House

Another house in the heart of Kingsburg, I needed to keep the exterior largely traditional, but of the highest standard.

Inside it's a delight, with timber and beadboard ceilings, hand crafted period kitchen and both bedrooms with ensuites.

Green Wood Columbarium

The premier international mausoleum builders, Milne construction rely on Cornerstone for the highest quality visualization.

This project in Brooklyn New York is a fine example of the level of detail and realism required to fully appreciate the project.

Mackie - White House

This house, also in Kingsburg, is a perfect example of my philosophy of design in an historic village setting. The main house is a pure Lunenburg Bump and the intention is that it was recently thoughtfully restored and enhanced with a new wing facing the sea and a wonderfully nautical round verandah.

However the entire house is new construction.

Buckley House

This seemingly simple Cape Cod sits on a seaside ridge called Beach Hill. The view is captivating and must be exploited.

By turning the gable ent to the sea I was able to use a lot of glass without spoiling the classic form of the Cape.

Marycrest Mausoleum

Another project for Milne Construction, this building is truly a new cathedral.

An excellent candidate for rich 3D visualization with it's soaring ceilings and fine detailing.


Aherns House

A classic Lunenburg Bump in the heart of Kingsburg village. This house is an excellent example of how we can design and build an exceptional home to an exceptional standard on a remarkably modest budjet.

Moravian Mausoleum

This amazing structure was a delight to build in 3D. The no holds barred architecture makes for an amazing visualization.

King House

I love this house. Designed to sit low on the brow of a ridge overlooking the sea. I wanted to maximize the width of the house to give every room a view. Then it came to me, a rural train station! Not just the semblance of one, but almost completely authentic to the style. It's increasable how well the massing of the station works for a seaside home.


Kingsview House

This house needed to be large, with a two car garage, gym, sauna and a two bedroom guesthouse. Therefore I designed it as a gothic revival with an attached barn. The effect is completely authentic and manages a huge home into the village environment.

Notre Dame University Columbarium

Again, a conceptual visualization for Milne Construction. This media was invaluable to the stakeholders in advancing this ambitions project.

Hewwit House

To be build on the seaside in Blue Rocks N.S. this large gothic has an attached garage and guesthouse. Again this house is designed to suggest that the original simpler house was improved some time later when some good fortune befell the owner. This is exactly how many of the fine Lunenburg area homes came to be. 

Heelan House

Intended to be modest in appearance but solid and stalwart in execution, this Cape Cod stands proud high over the sea on Beach Hill.

A good example of how a simple home designed and built "right" can vastly surpass the ordinary.

Green Wood Columbarium

Another proposal for Milne. This project is to echo a tradiditional conservatory. Again lots of fun to create in 3D.

Thompson House

This house, high over Kingsburg N.S. is a total renovation of an existing building.

I needed to find a way to transform the existing forms into something exceptional.


Allen cottage

Conversion of an old general store to a seaside cottage.

Barn conversion

Conversion from an old boatyard shed to a studio.

Lunenburg public washrooms

I was asked by the town of Lunenburg Nova Scotia to enter a competition to design a new public washroom. These are my two proposals, the Cape Cod version was chosen the winner.

Nuuanu Columbarium

Again, using photocomposition I was able to merge this virtual building into it's landscape seamlessly.

Peace House

Designed as a summer rental property, this house is intended to capture the sense of an English country home with symmetrical wings and a round marvelous deck on both levels.

Renton House

This renovation project involved the adition of some new additions and a complete interior upgrade.